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Video: Chris and Karrueche spotted earlier tonight in Hollywood.

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Shut up, you whore. You got a 6 year dead relationship under your belt, YOU NEED to give up and promote X instead! ☺ - 🌵


Don’t miss @karrueche’s interview on #JustKeke, TOMORROW at 5P/4c on @betnetworks!

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#CHInailbar #trendsettersuite #espys2014 @powerhouseagency @karrueche @ @terrellowens @ryanxedge @garyowencomedy (at CHI nail bar & organic spa)


Karrueche & Christina Milian at ESPYS  today

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Karrueche at Masquerade Istanbul on 10th Agust

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I’m really not trying to get deep.. but I love them and I just admire them so much and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. We all know what took place almost 3 years ago.. and people often forget that love has never been perfect for anybody, you would be lying to not only yourself if you said it was, I’ve seen couples go through worse, I’ve seen couples go through the same thing. It’s just magnified because, they’re in the limelight, with cameras everywhere. It happens, it’s hard to go through things like this behind closed doors so publicly is 10x’s the struggle. But, I believe when you’re in love, it has no conditions.. Love is not for the weak. Only the strong survive. They’re best friends, they’re a team, and that’s never changing. I’ve never seen True Love lose a fight, Love always wins. Yes, he’s made mistakes but before anything he’s a young man, and a man falls many times before his life stabilizes. I feel as though life situations come to surface to make each and everybody stronger, he’s learned from his mistakes and is growing. Karrueche is there for him through his good and his bad, Always remained true, never left his side & someone who understands your tears and frustration, are much more valuable than the people who can only handle your smile.❤️