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Anonymous sent:
Can you post pictures of kae on vocation and kind of oldish Pics of her in the club turnin up

You can search them in the tags.

Anonymous sent:
Can u post this one pic when kae was wearing these highs timberlands and she was with jryan and Raymond ??

Not sure which one you’re talking about..

Karrueche will be on 106 & Park Tonight @6PM

Right nowwww^

Anonymous sent:
Karrueche is headed to Jamaica tomorrow. She left a comment on Marianna Hewitt's insta post about not ready to leave Jamaica

Yep! :D




Chris, Karrueche and friends arriving to the flag football charity game.


Despite the worst weekend I’ve possibly had, I got my hands on the last Karrueche Tran crew neck at Pacsun today before I went back to the Canadian side of the border.