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Karrueche favorited my tweet😁 and she posted it on ig

Anonymous sent:
Um do you have any Idea what lipstick color Karrueche is wearing in the latest pic were she has on the black shirt ?

No, not yet. Sorry.

Anonymous sent:
Love how her & Chris are both on their shit but still make time for each other 🙌💯

Me too!🙌

Yes she is!😁😜


Chris Brown and Karrueche

So dope!🙌 http://instagram.com/p/tj0pLTIOfQ/

She’s great man. She’s been with me through thick and thin, ups and downs, everything. She’s been my best friend, so being able to find that and incorporate her in my life and her having to deal with this lifestyle of “being with Chris Brown” I just commend her for it.
—Chris Brown on Karrueche’s support.  (via chraesource)


Karrueche leaving Sugarfish last night


Congrats boo u better work!!! @karrueche #TheBay

Anonymous sent:
Ohhhh I'm sorry! But that's great!!!! 😳😳👏 kudos to you!

Haha, thanks!😝

Anonymous sent:
1 million followers??? 😳😳

😭😂😂bitchhh😩 no, 1M views. #killedmyjoy😭 JP.

A Milli! Thanks y’all!😁😌❤️